Magus - V​.​A. (Pure Perception Records)

by beatspace-pureperception



We are proud to present the 3rd cd compilation from Pure Perception Records, 'Magus'. We've taken our precious time compiling this cd and are extremely happy with the results. 'Magus' continues in the tradition of PPR featuring highly hypnotic psychedelic and progressive dancefloor gems made for the universal trancefloors. Helping to define a new sound of night time progressive and psychedelic trance and techno, we proudly present 'Magus'. 10 potent potions made for the late hours under the stars or in the club 'Magus' features Cold Project from South Africa who are making some seriously deep and dark grooves. Intelligent and thought provoking sounds that show a brand new face to South African music. Excizen from Serbia brings a mystical and melodic touch to the compilation, with an original and a remix of RPO’s track 'Excess'. Combining a wonderful atmospheric tech world with a spaced out orchestral backdrop. The Prime Time duo out of Paris have once again come through with some tripped out psychedelic techno bombs. Masters of the deep sub bass that will melt any dancefloor as well as melt deep into your brain. 'Magus' also features a brand new sound from Lunaspice, who are no new comers to the scene and have been making progressive psytrance for many years. Lunaspice continues to show here that they are still as innovative as ever with a highly detailed progressive psy gem. Crystal clear production and enough energy to send all dancefloors into the stars. Bioluminescense from the southeastern US showcase their unique sound of highly intricate and textured psychedelic progressive trance. Featuring crisp melodies, mysterious atmoshpheres, clean percussions, and a deep hitting kick. Primordial Ooze out of Chicago have been igniting crowds all across the US with their energetic and intelligent live act. Here they show us their progressive psy side with a magical, melodic tune full of color, and lots of energy.


released March 10, 2010



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